Remarcable Leads the Office Design Wellbeing Trend at the DAC Beachcroft SHE Conference 2018

Today’s office design is going through a tremendous transformation and it is highly important to unite our efforts by sharing highlights and processes of integrating wellbeing in design, that will add a valuable contribution towards this growing future office design trend.

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21st December, 2018 | Remarcable

Remarcable is happy to finally share the highlights of its impactful participation, along with all other prominent panel speakers at the DAC Beachcroft Annual SHE Conference 2018 held on 9 November 2018 at DAC Beachcroft Offices located at the heart of the architectural capital London.

This year's DAC Beachcroft Conference gathered a talk force to discuss occupational health risk and stress in the workplace, a significant part of Remarcable's mantra. Our team was pleased to have been given the leading role of representing the contemporary movement towards alternative office design enhancing the wellbeing of the unit, the human through designer's prospect. In a minimalistic Remarcable style presentation, light was shed on the newest trends directing future office design focusing on how businesses and employees can organically benefit from a full optimisation of the resourceful human interconnection with nature by integrating smart energy consumption, nature-inspired interior and eco-friendly concepts into the work spaces.

Speaking of the event, our Co-Founder and Creative Director Reni Dimitrova has said:

"DAC Conference was a great opportunity for Remarcable, not only to demonstrate its determination in championing staff wellbeing for the common interest of all parties involved in the modern day business but also to meet like minded fellow colleagues with whom we've discussed ways of implementing this side by side."

Today's office design is going through a tremendous transformation and it is highly important to unite our efforts in leading this process in the most-effective possible way. We are glad that our latest human-centric conceptual strategies were received with such enthusiasm and recognition from the office industry representatives and are pleased to have entered few exciting collaborations that will facilitate how we meet our clients' needs in the future.

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