Design stories 

Beauty & Skin Clinique | Chiswick . London

Discover the design thinking behind each and every design element with inspiration from 4 key brand messages: Beauty, Elegance, Grace & Balance. 

Ibis Capital & Xedtechx Project | Soho, London

Find out what happens when nature-inspired ocean landscape meets commercial office interior. Highlighting the core design elements and features behind this bespoke conceptual design for an international company.

Biophilic Design | Commercial Interior . London

Nature in design is more than just aesthetics, it's a necessity. Biophilic design is one of our key design elements because we believe a deep rooted connection to nature is vital for our wellbeing let us show you why. 

InfoTrack Project | London

A flexible modern office design offering unique stand out features and hybrid spaces unified in combining the natural world within a city office environment. 

Bespoke Reception Desk | Banning Dental

Parametric shape desk design inspired by organic tooth shape. A unique design thinking and one of the world's first such structures to be backlit.