We ask the most important question :
How do you want your space to make you feel ?

Key Elements To Our Designs.


Light & Atmosphere

• Regulates our Circadian Rhythm
• Impacts our moods & behaviours
• Creating balance
• Highlighting points within a space

Nature & Plants

• Reconnect with nature
• Reduces stress
• Increases productivity
• Purifies the air

Bespoke Branding

• Personalised unique statement
• Company culture & values
• Maximising the use of your space
• Impress your clients

Colours & Mood

• Create an atmosphere
• Positive impact on our mood
• Enhance meaning of a space
• Creating identity

Why Remarcable is the way.

Think of design as a gallery, its purpose is to create an inspirational exposition of your brand. It is all about a clean, decluttered space that shows off your brand culture, facilitate spaces for work, collaboration, social interaction, refreshment and nurishment.

Smart companies know that a well designed workspace will give their teams and clients many of the aspects that they need to be happy, feel appreciated, productive and have all their needs met.

Two of your highly contributing factors to success are your team and your clients. If you are reading this you most likely already know the importance of creating commercial interior design spaces that bring about a positive experience for your assets and you are right!
Design has many benefits and one main purpose to make your team and clients feel appreciated, we understand that.
Simply put : Happy people work better and a happy customer comes back again and again.
Check out a few of the main benefits below:
For your team:
- improve workflow efficiency
- provide headspace to compleate tasks more productive
- make your staff feel appreciated
- align team with the values of your brand
- team cohesion through social spaces that create more natural interaction
- celebrate your wins and bond

For your clients:
- impress them
- showcase your brand & values
- create emotional comfort
- cozy, professional meetings when talking money
- provide trust

Circadian Rhythm

Our physiological processes are tied to the 24-hour cycle of the sun. Circadian rhythm and how our bodies react/adapt to the brightness and hue of the environment has a tremendous influence on our energy levels, mood, productivity, and sleeping patterns.
Well thought out lighting systems can create beautiful atmospheres within your space through the use of shadows and transparency, but also they can support healthy sleeping patterns.


Cool light
high intensity


White light
high intensity


Warm light
low intensity

" We are committed to always deliver expert knowledge and keep on delivering remarkable commercial and healthcare interior design services. "

The Remarcable Team