New Break Out Space & Hanging Plants Installation

An overview of one of our recent office breakout area designs that incorporates nature elements into the space to bring in a sense of balance and harmony.

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10th October, 2020 | Remarcable

A few pictures of a small office interior design project that we had recently completed. This break out area provides employees a space to give them time away from their screen or the stress of everyday working life. The nature elements of the hanging plants bring in that sense of balance and harmony to the space to be fully enjoyed.

to install a kitchen and storage area that would support the needs of the company and bring back a natural feel in the space.

Within a strict budget we introduced a fig tree, symbolising strong roots and growth, and Philodendron Scandens hanging sky planters above the breakfast/lunch bar area. We will be revisiting soon to see how everyone is settling down and using the space.

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