The flow of energy in the Spanish way of life

Jump on the passenger seat with our co-founder & head designer on her Spanish adventure to find out what influences her design work, some landscape-inspired colour palettes, and scenic photographs.

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We're proud that our design-inspired travel blog series is devoted to our founders' love for nature, travel, preservation, and adventure. Centering around the exploration of diverse landscapes, surfaces, and textures, this month's feature offers a look into our sources of inspiration for our design endeavors and the rejuvenation of our creative energy.

How do you choose your adventures?
Do you have a process or the key ingredients needed to provoke your inspiration?

These are both questions we started asking our co-founder & head designer Reni. She went on to tell us a story of her recent travels, and we know you're going to love it...

A World on Design Travels

When embarking on a holiday for inspiration, for me it starts with the choice of accommodation. This plays a vital role in shaping the overall experience. Instead of picking a tourist destination and popular hotels, I like to opt for a place that reflects the area's authenticity, incorporating local textures and style, food, and artwork, capturing the essence of the culture and translating it into the interior atmosphere is a must. 

Biophilia, light, texture, and atmosphere are key elements that greatly influence our mood and experience and is heavily featured in our designs, it comes as no surprise that we search for them when we are away to recharge our design 'batteries'.

The right interior fusion can transport you to a different world, in this instance incorporating elements such as warm earth tones, natural materials like rattan, wood, and coconut husk, along with handcrafted ceramics and native plants can instantly create a sense of authenticity. These traditional design choices not only pay homage to Spanish heritage but also infuse the surroundings with a timeless charm that resonates with the local culture.

Spanish holidays are often associated with sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters, and rugged landscapes. On this adventure, I observed textured materials such as natural fibres, rough-hewn stone, weathered wood, rustic metals, historic architecture, and a divine saturation of colours straight out of Nature's palette. 

As an art lover and being an artist myself I have had the remarkable opportunity to incorporate bespoke art and installations within our interior designs and witnessed the transformative power of these pieces beyond the mere aesthetics. Art is an expression that engages the imagination, encouraging people to interact and explore, fostering a sense of joy and lightness within the often structured and serious world of workspaces. When you encounter an artwork within a commercial interior, you naturally pause, drawn into a moment of reflection and interpretation. Each piece tells a story, evokes emotions, or poses questions, inviting you to delve deeper into thoughts and emotions. This act of contemplation promotes mindfulness, encouraging a break from the fast-paced nature of business and inviting a moment of stillness and introspection for both employees and visitors.

Finding artwork and galleries while away is highly enjoyable and part of the overall adventure experience. During this particular voyage, I was most inspired by this one artist, his gallery nestled within a modest boutique off of the cobblestone street, a piano symphony playing in the background, charging the atmosphere with musical electricity, it was a moment of full indulgences as the artist's creative process unfolded before our eyes, a privilege usually shielded from public view, now shared with all who sought inspiration, offering a rare glimpse into the otherwise private realms of artistic creation. As a design company leader moments of such memories or experiences shared with the team creates conversations and often in such brainstorm discussions ideas are born, a natural process of communication, excitement and joint creation. 

I have witnessed the incredible impact that art has in commercial settings. It has the power to uplift mood, spark conversation, and leave a lasting impression. It is my belief that by infusing these spaces with art, we not only enrich the design experience but also enhance the overall well-being of those who inhabit them, creating a dynamic and inspiring environment that celebrates the beauty of art in all its forms.

When in Nature this artwork is often surrounding us through the expression of summer blooms, greenery, colour variety or sunset flavored views. Particularly in the Spanish settings where I took mindful walks along the authentic architecture spiced with the gentle sways of the palm trees, I drew inspiration by the natural balance and harmony that nature presented. The sunset hues of blue for example, just before the golden hour warmed up the scene, this soft blue brightness transformed every colour into a cooler yet calmer atmosphere, the white looked whiter and everything seemed like it had a perfect colour calibration, just the right amount of daylight can do the same in an interior setting where it is important to preserve the appearance of the chosen colours and textures. 

On the other hand, the concept of biophilia, which embraces the innate human connection with nature, offered an exciting avenue to transform entranceways into enchanting portals, a reminder that the design and appearance of doors play a pivotal role in shaping that initial impression. Through the strategic use of color and integrating natural elements such as living walls, cascading foliage, or organic textures not only adds aesthetic appeal but also infuses the space with a revitalizing energy, beckoning visitors to embark on a journey of discovery and setting the stage for the overall ambiance of the interior environment.

A time away from one's usual work environment brings forth a multitude of captivating observations. I also found it interesting to see how climate wields its own painting brush, gracefully transforming the appearance of surfaces, leaving its mark upon the textures, accelerating the aging process and bestowing a nuanced alteration upon the vibrancy of colors.

A fun fact: in our company we have a colour reader, it is a cool little device and a best friend of ours that you put against almost any surface and it gives you almost perfect colour match that we often use to paint on walls or incorporate within bespoke prints. An even funnier fact is that I often take it with me on holiday! This allows me to do my own colour scanning and save a bunch of nice shades of colour that we can incorporate within our designs. Additionally, sometimes all you need to do is look around and nature offers its own perfectly balanced colour palette. Below we put together few colour inspirations from the Spanish scenery that captured our eye. 

Final Thoughts:

When you are in an atmosphere of authenticity, surrounded by these tactile elements, mindfulness arises that requires you to be present... something that is harder to be achieved naturally when we are in our day-to-day running lives but it is highly vital for our overall wellbeing and state of happiness.  

Our design approach is fueled by the harmonious blend of taking respite from work while cultivating awareness and observation of the elements that shape architecture, design, interiors, nature, and atmosphere. This delicate interplay serves as a wellspring of inspiration. It has helped us to forge a unique design ethos that embraces the essence of our surroundings and translates it into compelling spaces that resonate with authenticity and beauty. We aspire to create captivating and thought-provoking interiors and bespoke art pieces for our clients who want to deliver a unique and personalised experience for their teams and clients. 

Atmosphere is the intangible factor that ties everything together and shapes an experience, giving a personality to the interior space. This Spanish adventure was not just about the physical surroundings; it was about embracing the laid-back lifestyle, savoring delicious cuisine, and immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage, music, local produce, and embracing the flow of energy and the Spanish way of life.

Photo credits: Reni D. | Remarcable Design

Alicante area, Spain. 

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