Devon, UK

The landscapes of Devon told a story, just like in design a space holds meaning and depth. Our inspiration for design lies in uncovering the layers of nature's harmonious habitats.

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This year it is all about the staycations as abroad travel restrictions are still in place. We finally had a chance to explore the beauty of our own country, and we have to say we had quite a few surprises along the way. 

In the midst of Summer and the hottest week of the year, we traveled down to the East coast of Devon. We were completely bewildered by the stunning untouched stretch of beaches that complimented an array of textures from rigid rock, to soft sand and rippling water swirling at each wave break creating formless shapes harmoniously flowing and tranquilising the scene. Having spent so much of the year in the city and within 4 walls, to be able to stand in the vastness of the infinite horizon and long stretches of beach felt expansive and spacious. Having this feeling of infinite spaciousness creates room for creativity to bloom, for ideas to flow and for inspiration to be received while connecting deeply with the natural surroundings. Looking out onto the horizon at Sandymouth Bay Beach watching as the sun sat in the sky, naturally glistening gentle reflections of light across the top layer of the bopping ocean that effortlessly unified the contrasting bright white/yellow light with deep navy blue. The natural ombre of colours evoked an inspired colour palette in design for creating a warm atmosphere that brings feelings of calm and tranquility just as if you were transported to watching the sunset on the horizon.

Looking deep within the natural world inside the rock pools at Saunton Sands were bouquets of multi-layered seaweed with uniformed shades of green. Its texture contained so much depth with multiple thin layers of curved shapes that gently flowed with the movement of the water. In design to bring a space to life, it requires the use of textures. Texture is associated with a sense of feel, it adds physical comfort and visual interest to a space. Mixing materials and layering them is key to making textural elements work that helps keep a space from feeling flat or one-dimensional.

'Texture is associated with a sense of feel, it adds physical comfort and visual interest to a space.'

For an entire week we were surrounded by beautiful shades of light and dark greenery. It's fascinating to see the natural balance created from various shades of the same colour work effortlessly together and form visual depth. Being immersed in nature's presence really makes you appreciate the importance of biophilia and understand why it is a crucial design element to incorporate into interior spaces. Feeling contained and enclosed within walls of concrete and brick create a separation and disconnection from our natural habitat. It is the connection to nature even in small doses through the use of indoor plants that benefit our wellbeing.

The stunning rock formations we came across from hiking around Welcombe Mouth Beach made us explore the definition of shapes and appreciate the incredible layers of rock that piled upon each other eroded by natural causes that are so imperfect it creates perfection. The detailing of the weathered rock creates a natural colour palette or colour mood board of shades of beige, grey with hints of reds from the clay soil and patches of greenery that broke up the mural of rock. The synergy of the colours sparked design inspiration as well as a unique combination of textures from sharp, soft, smooth and rough that gracefully balanced each other in what seemed to be 'flawless.'

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