Our road trip around Iceland was one to never be forgotten, witnessing some of the most fascinating landscapes and nature's incredible phenomena that in itself was breathtaking that sparked design creativity.

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10th October, 2019 | Remarcable

We set out on a nature adventure to be at one with the wilderness witnessing the most fascinating landscapes we have ever seen: the land of ice and fire, Iceland! Experiencing nature from day to night, driving across the vast lands from coastal views to greenery, from darkness to snowy plains the lands of transitional evolvement, displaying with it a variety of textures and colours. 

There were several particular areas to highlight that invoked profound feelings of balance and inner harmony within us and our surroundings ...

The Geysir (hot water spout) in Haukadalur geothermal area 

Here we watched gushing eruptions of water exploding from crates deep within the earth, it was an out-of-this-world experience, but yet there we were standing right in front of it witnessing the extraordinary quirks to planet earth. This really opened our eyes to something so magnificent, reminding us of the true essence of nature and its aliveness.

The Diamond Circle 

Magnificent circuit of 250km in the Northeast of Iceland, which includes some of the most stunning sights and spots for unearthly landscapes. One of Iceland's most impressive waterfalls, Dettifoss, was absolutely breathtaking in all its beauty and magnificence. We really took the time to experience how standing in its presence made us feel. Our conclusion was that what we were experiencing was unity with nature, allowing us to put into perspective what really matters and what role we play in the world. 


This is the whale-watching capital, where we were greeted by a humpback whale. It came relatively close enough to the boat for us to recognise their enormity, this was very much a remarkable highlight of the trip. This striking mammal's presence really shone a light on the vastness and depth of the oceanic world, of which so much still remains unknown. 

Myvatn's Geological Gems at Krafla

We were completely enthralled by the steaming vents and craters that were imitating the natural colours of oranges and yellows. We really took the time here to notice the natural tones nature so effortlessly creates and how this made us feel in complete awe that they were vaporous. 

Diamond Beach

Zac Effrons episode 1 on 'Down to Earth' highlights the importance of sustainability and use of renewable energy sources within Iceland. Sustainability was greatly spotlighted to us when visiting Diamond Beach, a strip of black sand belonging to the greater Breiðamerkursandur glacial plain, located by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on the South Coast. We were informed by the local tour guide that the glaciers were melting dramatically, losing up to 100 meters per year. We were shown photos of the same glacier from previous years which was unrecognisable. When you are actually facing the deterioration front on it really puts the importance on what we need and have to do to save our beautiful planet that keeps us alive. This place really touched us and we stayed the night there experiencing the crashing sounds of giant ice blocks hitting the water sending out ripples that smashed against the shores. Although it was entrancing it was also very frightening. We were caught in very strong winds as well and Iceland is renowned for its dangerous storms and winds but honestly to experience it really invoked feelings of survival mode but also a reminder of just how powerful nature is. 


Aurora lights

Our final destination was and exploration was hunting the aurora lights, easier said than done. We had to seek some guidance from an expert in the study of the Aurora lights and national geographic photographer: Dave Williams. He very kindly told us the direction in which to set up my camera to capture the Northern Lights in all its although we did not see it with our own eyes the images captured are just spectacular. 

This trip really made us view nature from a whole new perspective and we took from it a whole new outlook of inspiration for design. We especially felt the importance of spaces that evoke emotions within us, creating a balance between colours, textures, and moments to experience that we as humans need in order to feel supported.

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Our road trip around Iceland was one to never be forgotten, witnessing some of the most fascinating landscapes and nature's incredible phenomena that in itself was breathtaking that sparked design creativity.


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