Queensland, Australia

Australia is home for its natural beauty and outdoor living, we wanted to experience just that on our trip to Queensland where we were utterly blown away by the vastness of ecosystems from bushlands to lush mountainous rainforests, so much natural beauty and so much colour contrasting inspiration.

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Our trip to Queensland was invigorating and replenishing which involved a deep connection to nature and all its natural beauty. Queensland is notoriously known for its pristine beaches and tropical islands, with over 200 national parks that cover more than 6.5 hectares across the state, plus there are lush mountainous rainforests, bushlands and creeks and flat tablelands perfect for farming and a wondrous home to a large variety of wildlife. 

coconut plantation

olive-backed sunbird ( Cinnyris jugularis ) 

We wanted to embrace the beauty of nature and experience outdoor living so we set ourselves some activities that allowed us to explore nature in all its elements both on land and in the ocean. 

Our hike expeditions through the rainforests allowed us to really appreciate the vividness of colour found within nature, it has a  perfect way of balancing sharp contrasting colours without looking busy or too overwhelming to take in. This is an inspirational appreciation within design, being able to capture the right balance of shades of colour that flow almost effortlessly together. 

On our expedition through the 13-acre breathtaking Paronella Park, we came across the handbuilt castle which holds a romantic history.

This magical place was built by José Paronella who sailed from his homeland Catalonia in northern Spain to plan a life of abundance in Australia with his wife Matilda. When he had returned to Spain to sweep up his wife from under her feet and take her to a new paradise, he realised that she had remarried. In Jose's determination, he wedded Matilda's sister Margherita and they together went to Australia where Paronella built his well-earned kingdom in the 1930s. As a reminder of his hard work, Jose's fingerprints were embedded into the concrete structure's outer layer made from clay and cement. It is fascinating how behind the initial beauty of architectural design lies a personal passion, a story that holds a memory, that will continue to have a long-lasting impression in architecture. 

We absolutely could not give scuba diving a miss, what with Co-Founder Marc being a trained scuba diving instructor the underwater world is a mystery of endless discoveries with its own unique colour palette and textures. The ocean inspires a sense of depth and enigma within its vastness, reflecting some of the most colourful sunsets we have ever seen. 

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