Our Temporary Office While Exploring Australia For 6 Weeks

We opted for a change of scenery to our usual office environment during our 6 weeks trip exploring the depths of nature in Australia.

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10th January, 2016 | Remarcable

Our temporary Remarcable office while we are exploring Australia for 6 weeks. This country is full of textures and colours that we are very much inspired to use in upcoming projects.

It is so important for us to take time out and have a break by immersing ourselves in nature to recharge and rejuvenate, we chose to do this on the other side of the world. To read more about our adventures in Australia check out our Sydney and Queensland lifestyle blogs.

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Devon, UK

The landscapes of Devon told a story, just like in design a space holds meaning and depth. Our inspiration for design lies in uncovering the layers of nature's harmonious habitats.



Our road trip around Iceland was one to never be forgotten, witnessing some of the most fascinating landscapes and nature's incredible phenomena that in itself was breathtaking that sparked design creativity.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney is such a dynamic and diverse city with a unique contrast between its urban and natural environments that intertwine together which sparked our inspiration for design.


Queensland, Australia

Australia is home for its natural beauty and outdoor living, we wanted to experience just that on our trip to Queensland where we were utterly blown away by the vastness of ecosystems from bushlands to lush mountainous rainforests, so much natural beauty and so much colour contrasting inspiration.