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Clinical design for replication & rapid growth

LDC is an emerging, forward-think business essentially a healthcare provider, that has emerged in direct response to the overstretched & underfunded NHS service in this country. The business model is based around providing efficient, affordable, and highly convenient access to a healthcare professional across several London transport hubs.

Project Explanation

Minimalist design that can easily be replicated and quickly delivered when scaling up. To represent the brand and provide a highly efficient footprint.
The company values are a fusion of practicality, style, and ease. These core elements are tangibly represented in the contemporary, comfortable yet practical furniture that Remarcable has designed and built for their many clinics.

When space planning we thought of the brand’s need to provide a highly efficient formula for their clients. Walk-in > 2 to 4 steps reception > 1 to 2 steps waiting area > 4 to 6 steps decluttered consultation rooms. The clinical design we created focuses on LDC’s fast and convenient service with bespoke furniture made to last and never go out of style.

The main reception design at one of the London Doctors Clinic offices with bespoke furniture desk and banquette

The Design

The London Doctors Clinic company logo with letters "LDC" in shades of green and blue with "London Doctors Clinic" written in white lettering with in a grey block
A profile photo of our client Seth Rankin from London Doctors Clinic
Dr Seth Rankin
Founder | London Doctors Clinic

Always on time, on budget and with minimum fuss, they continue to be our first port of call for London interior design services.

Our client Seth Rankin sitting on the patient chair at one of the London Doctors Clinics

From visual to reality

You receive the exact design that you envisioned. 

A graphic designed visual for the London Doctors Clinic bespoke banquette a wooden white foundational structure with beige padded seating and back support with in-built glass shelves on the side

Design Features

The bespoke design of the reception desk and the seating bench furniture in the waiting area were inspired by an x-ray of a human ribcage. We played with the horizontal linear of the ribcage and incorporated the floating glass element within the furniture design. The glass was also tinted to match the green colors of the company logo. Truly on brand!
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Healthcare | Medical

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