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Meetings are an integral part of any business, but how can we make the most of them while avoiding the natural aversion we have towards meetings? When we design a workspace, we focus on 4 main areas: designated work areas, spaces to rest, areas to play and interact, and places to rejuvenate. By isolating these 4 areas, employees can easily compartmentalise the differences and improve their wellbeing as a result!

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Meeting spaces are typically close and within view from the main working area. By strategically placing them out of sight from the work area, it makes the transition from work to meeting a far more natural one and allows employees to mentally distinguish between the spaces. Meetings are always going to be necessary and sometimes stressful and often disliked, but considering how important they are to the modern world of business.


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When our wellbeing is good, 
Our work is better

Our productivity, focus, and creativity are improved and allow for better and more profitable work to be achieved, including the work done within meetings. Optimising their efficiency is integral to any company.

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Improve the way you meet

Often meetings are not met with a reaction of enthusiasm. A quick zip around the office asking people how they feel about meetings will often be met with the responses “boring”, “dull”, and “stressful”, but how can we make the most of them while avoiding the natural aversion we have towards meetings?

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