An office design in which to scale a company

A dynamic, engaged, driven Tech company with a motto :
We care about what we do and the people we work with
We care about the clients we work for
We continually improve to be the best
We are determined to reach our goals.



Project Explanation

An intuitive and efficient office workspace that reinforces the company values.
• horizontal management space plan
• encourages social interaction
• a space in to work, eat, rest, and play
• plus socialize with staff and clients.
A very London office with elements of the founders in Australia.

To create an office space with many of the elements needed to make a human happier and to nurture growth, both personally and collectively as a company. 

We looked at 3 core elements: work, rest and play combined together with elements that contribute to our wellbeing outside of work and brought them into the working environment. Creating hybrid spaces to make our clients team even happier, more productive, and instill a sense of pride to have a workspace that provides open spaces for working, recreational spaces, and a social and playful environment. 
InfoTrack team using the breakout area garden design for a team meeting sitting on the benches and pouffes with a window view overlooking the London Eye.

The Design

The InfoTrack company logo written in blue text with a semi circle of yellow arrows
A profile photo of our client Scott Bozinis
Scott Bozinis
CEO | InfoTrack UK

We are incredibly pleased to have partnered with Remarcable and thus we have office space to be proud of. We constantly receive feedback from our clients who visit the space.

The team at InfoTrack after the completion of their office design & fit out standing together holding pieces of paper that spells "Its Remarcable"

Watch the space coming together

Before / After

From render to reality. 
You receive the exact design that you envisioned. 

The view of the InfoTrack office garden from one of the workstation seating area when looking over the desktop computer

Design Features

Urban city life detaches us from nature. An office garden casual working space has the ability to help you restore and reconnect while being surrounded by natural scents and sights of the wild.
Polished concrete tops, two-tone brickwork with smoked oak and wrought iron. Three different mediums continue the semi-industrial theme. Clear compartmentalization of work and play.
Buster + Punch Heavy metal pendant series brings a really nice urban edge to modern office spaces, with a mix of steel, copper, brass, and smoked bronze.
Introducing different floor textures to influence our mood and experiences with the unification of hardwood, ceramics, and textiles, three separate yet connected spaces.
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