Ibis Capital & Xedtechx

Theme: Being by the ocean & Art culture

A creative specialist investment and corporate finance advisory group focused on digital disruption across the global media, education and health sectors.



Project Explanation

A creative, hybrid, and personal workspace merging together both companies with a general theme of inspiration to be around the beach and ocean subtly indicating their global success.
• Personal design elements
• Hybrid spaces
• Bespoke furniture
 • Artistic elements
To create an office space with personal touches and bespoke branding elements whilst utilizing colors and textures throughout the office for a consistent seaside-themed feel.
We looked at 3 core elements: color & texture, adaptability, personalization all whilst consistently staying in line with the seaside theme and showcasing the companies global successes. We used color and texture to highlight that of the ocean, sun, sand, and rocks. Created hybrid and transformational meeting rooms for flexibility of use and added personal touches specific to staff members and company branding. The office no longer echoed just a workspace but transformed into a personal company home.
The main reception area design at the Ibis office with a green velvet sofa and 2 yellow cushions, blue textured carpets and bespoke shelving units

The Design

The Ibis Capital company logo in grey and black with a graphic designed image of a stalk
A profile photo of our client Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson
Executive Assistant | Ibis Capital

We commissioned Remarcable to design and build our new Bespoke Reception area. Their thorough and the easy process made us feel confident from the initial meeting to the delivered product that our brief would be met. Remarcable went above and beyond and we love the end result.

Imprinted wall art of a globe representing the international aspect to the Ibis Capital company

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Before / After

Carpet flooring design inspired by the ocean

Design Features

To stay in line with the seaside theme we wanted the feel of ‘walking on water’ by creating bespoke design carpet tiling using a zoomed in image of the natural swirls and colours of the pacific ocean.

A bespoke artistic take on the companies logo symbolising their global successes we created a globe in the theme of the colour blue using a layered venetian plaster technique to create incredible 3D texture.

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