We ask the most important question :
How do you want your space to make you feel ?

Key Elements To Our Designs.


Light & Atmosphere

Our processes are clear and easy to follow so that your expectations are met

Nature & Plants

We will work with you until you are completely happy with the proposed design

Bespoke Branding

You will be covered for 2 years to give you complete peace of mind

Colours & Mood

Open and honest fee structure to avoid any hidden cost and fit within your investment

Why Remarcable is the way.

Smart companies know that a well thought out workspace with areas for;
WORK, REST, SOCIALISE and REPLENISH will give their teams many of the aspects that they need to be happy, feel appreciated, productive and have all their needs met.

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Circadian Rhythm

Our physiological processes are tied to the 24 hour cycle of the sun. Circadian rhythm and how our bodies react/adapt to the brightness and hue of the environment has a tremendous influence on our energy levels, mood, productivity and sleeping patterns.

Well thought out lighting systems can create beautiful atmospheres within your space through the use of shadows and transparency, but also they can support healthy sleeping patterns.


Cool light

high intensity


White light

high intensity


Warm light

low intensity